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Guatemala Spanish Schools – Study Spanish – Learn Spanish

Guatemala has many Total Immersion Spanish Schools offering all inclusive learning programs.  You can find schools in  Quetzaltenango, Antigua, San Pedro la Laguna, San Marcos la Laguna, in the highlands as well as other rural settings like Rio Azul

Most schools offer a similar program of 5 hours per day of one on one language lessons.  You eat and stay with a local Guatemalan family in their home.  The schools have daily and weekend activities for students to do as well as video conferences, discussion groups…etc.

Coming to Guatemala to study and learn Spanish can be a wonderful learning vacation!

See you in Xela.



Video of Quetzaltenango Xela Guatemala

Learn Spanish

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala also known as Xela is fast becoming a destination for travelers who want to learn the Spanish Language. There are about 4 dozen schools in Xela right now and the best can of the best can be found listed on Xelapages.com.

The basic program is the same at each school. You get one on one private lessons just you and your teacher for 5 hours per day. You live and eat with a Guatemalan Family and the school also provides some activities such as conferences, videos, games, sports…etc. The price varies but the range is $125 to $175 per week all inclusive. There is no better deal in all of Central America!

To find the best schools Xela has to offer visit XELAPAGES.COM

Volcano Hikes

Quetzaltenango is situated at more than 2300mts above sea level and at the base of the Santa Maria volcano. Climbing and hiking on Santa Maria is a very popular activity for visitors. It is possible to book a tour or trek with one of many agencies in Xela. One of the best is Quetzaltrekkers who donate all profits to EDELAC a school and dormitory for street children.

According to wikipedia…

SantiaguitoVolcán Santa María is a large active volcano in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, close to the city of Quetzaltenango. Its eruption in 1902 was one of the three largest eruptions of the 20th century, and the third large eruption of that one year, after Mount Pelée in Martinique and Soufrière in St. Vincent. It was also one of the five biggest eruptions of the past 200 (and probably 300) years.

The 1902 eruption blasted away most of one side of the 3,772 m tall mountain. Some 5.5 cubic km (1.3 cubic miles) of volcanic material was ejected during the 19-day eruption, and the ash column reached heights of up to 28 km. The eruption devastated the surrounding areas.

In 1922, a new volcanic vent formed in the enormous crater, and formed a new volcano, named Santiaguito. Santiaguito has been erupting ever since and now forms a cone a few hundred metres tall, reaching an elevation of about 2,500 m. Today, it is possible to climb to the top of Santa María and look down on the ongoing eruptions at Santiaguito, 1,200m below, a situation which may be unique in the world.

Other popular hikes and treks from Xela are Volcano Tajumulco, Laguna Chicabal, 2 day hike to Lake Atitlan and other.


Quetzaltenango offers many great opportunities to volunteer. Entre Mundos is by far the best resource available for getting information about volunteer work in Xela. The group publishes a bi monthly magazine which covers a variety of topics as well as lists dozens of groups looking for volunteers. Entre Mundos also offer a complete listing of current volunteer needs through their office El Espacio on 6ta Calle East of Central Park. Stop by and see them!